Fractals -   The art where algorithm is enslaved by intuition,
                   the art of heart...

Graphics -   complete border sets for you to enjoy and build                      your own WebPages.

His Naugtiness

Calling cards - send someone a virtual gift.

Blank calling cards - the message is yours...

Backgrounds mainly   - mostly just backgrounds, some sets

"Sterling Tutorial" - overview

Links - Thanks, folks. I was pleasantly surprised by e-mails I was getting about my graphics and fractals. That's why I decided to make a link page to sites I owe discovery of fractal art on the first place. Without them my page would have never existed.

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Unconventional wisdom for coping with this difficult situation in your life. Your thoughts are being posted here. Sometimes it is hard to be kind to those who are not kind to you. But if you do that, you learn real kindness. Lies around you come and go, but what you learn from this situation is forever yours. Hard experience is the best test on decency and no liar in the world can take it off you. Ever.

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Teardrop project

Symbol of the teardrop in sympathy for all of the desperate and lonely tears shed by the children who,day after day and night after night, silently endure the pain inflicted on them by their heartless abusers.


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