Sterling Tutorials

Lesson 1 - overview

Program, written by Stefen Ferguson

Unfortunately, his site is currently down for unknown time, so I can't provide link back to his site.

I am just using his program.

Aunty Pear.

It starts simple - it looks like this when you open the program.

I will just post s few tips, as we all know how to click buttons and experiment.

Sterling overview.jpg (39095 bytes)

If you right click on the image, it will show this. Please, choose Rectangle mode - you will have more control over zooming. It is just easier to work with the image. Then you just drag rectangle over the area you want to zoom in and double click it.

Sterling right mouse click.jpg (20548 bytes)

It is totally up to you what size you like to work with, just 500 by 375 or 600 by 480 are the easiest to work with, while zooming, but you can always make it bigger or smaller later.

You can try 320 by 240 for practice.

Sterling XY size.jpg (16939 bytes)

Try Inside out mode - you will find it in "image" option.

Below is the same image we started with, but in inside out mode.

Sterling inside out option.jpg (49012 bytes)

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