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Unconventional guide to coping with bitter lies and vicious rumors.

You are not alone. This page is a shoulder to lean on. Or may be you came here to offer your shoulder. In any case you are welcome here. This page is for sharing and caring. For those, who need it most. Some of it is result of my own experience.

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EVJ@Kioto gardens Bullet.jpg (4250 bytes)   Did you ever have this problem? Someone spreading rumors about you and you are the last one to know that? Or someone punishing you for something you didn't do? Whether you are 6, 16 or 60 y.o. it hurts.

EVJ@Kioto gardens Bullet.jpg (4250 bytes)This page is dedicated to coping  with bitter lies and vicious rumors. Please, feel free to write here if you can help, write if you need help, too. You are not alone. So many people are willing to help you cope with difficult time regardless on age, religion (or no  religion at all) or nationality. If you are living being, you are welcome here.

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I will start with my own ideas.

EVJ@Kioto gardens Bullet.jpg (4250 bytes)Pointless - You can't make someone stop telling lies. But you do have full control over your own actions. No one can make you tell lies either. People will  eventually  know you don't lie. Ever.

EVJ@Kioto gardens Bullet.jpg (4250 bytes) Point to remember - It took 15million years of evolution to develop human to the level of Homo Sapience, but it takes one day to drop to level of Homer Simpson. Remember this - it is better to be considered as Homer Simpson, than actually being like one.

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EVJ@Kioto gardens Bullet.jpg (4250 bytes)Point 1 - Those who judge people sooner or later are going to misjudge. Some do that on a regular basis.

EVJ@Kioto gardens Bullet.jpg (4250 bytes)Point 2 - If you are being judged, or judge someone else, look at point 1. In first case it will make you feel better, in second it might make you think wether it is worth doing so on the first place.

EVJ@Kioto gardens Bullet.jpg (4250 bytes)Point 3 - Trust yourself. To those who really know you, you don't have to prove anything, those who don't, you won't prove anything anyway. Quite often  people judge others, because they are not sure of their own virtues.

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 EVJ@Kioto gardens Bullet.jpg (4250 bytes) - Sometimes being smart is not wise. If you start lies about those who lie about you then they will have succeeded. Do you have to play their games by their rules? Keep your head high. If you are sure of your innocence, nobody can take it off you no matter how hard they try.

EVJ@Kioto gardens Bullet.jpg (4250 bytes) - Most people will believe the worst. Or believe the lie just because the liar was      the first one to tell the story. Or maybe because the liar has some kind of  authority due to mature age, position or religion.

EVJ@Kioto gardens Bullet.jpg (4250 bytes)- Learn to be kind to those, who are not kind to you and you will learn real           kindness. Nobody can ever take it of you. Trouble will pass, but kindness will be still with you. The more you give, the more you have.

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EVJ@Kioto gardens Bullet.jpg (4250 bytes)- Do you want that revenge? Think again. Isn't that what they want you to do?    Why should you play their game by their rules? (Am I repeating myself?)

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EVJ@Kioto gardens Bullet.jpg (4250 bytes)- Ok, you are hurt now. Open your eyes, look at those who point fingers  at you, three fingers are pointing back at them. No one is an angel. Some need reassurance and get it from judging others. Deep down is the real reason of most rumors - that they don't want people to see their own weaknesses.

 EVJ@Kioto gardens Bullet.jpg (4250 bytes)- What goes around, comes around. They can't lie to their own soul, nobody can. But do you have to increase the amount of evil in the world just because someone else does?

EVJ@Kioto gardens Bullet.jpg (4250 bytes)- They might put you in a position to need to clear your name, don't!  Keep your  head high. Sometimes being sure in your own rightfulness is the best tactic  possible. You might be in need to clear your name, but they have to clear their souls.

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